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As someone that is Sudanese and is a big fan of Christian Nubia and Kush, thank you for this article. I believe this might be my favourite article you have published yet. This was extremely informative, it seems often in the internet Nubia's dominance in their relationship with Muslim Egypt and their relationship with European Christendom is overlooked and at times extremely downplayed. You have represented and told the history of Christian Nubia well.

Although I might sound like a nationalist when I say this but Sudanese history is amazing and need's more attention. Like seriously, from the Kushites being the most impactful in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 7-6th centuries BC to the classical fantasizations of the Kingdom of Kush to the strong and militant Nubian Christendom to the Funj and the Mahdiyya.

But honestly thanks for this article, I have read it over 6 times already.

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thnks, Sudan's proximity to the Mediterranean made its kingdoms very active partners in that region's history that has been overlooked; which itself makes for a good history topic

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