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Dec 20, 2022Liked by isaac Samuel

Great article and very interesting. I noticed small typos (though it is obvious in context the dates that are meant):

I think that in this paragraph you meant to type 1726 and not 1626:  "Hussar, fled to Oyo-ile and petitioned Alaafin Ojigi to intervene, who then dispatched a cavalry force which invaded and defeated Agaja's army in Allada in May 1626, forcing the king of Dahomey to flee from the capital."

And I think that here you meant 1731-2:

"Agaja retaliated by besieging Mahi's capital Gbowele in 1831-2 and ceasing the payment of tribute to Oyo, but internal circumstances after Alaafin Ojigi's death in 1730 (exlained above), prevented Oyo from invading Dahomey."

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